Q: What should I be looking for in a breeder?


  1. Someone whom raises only 1 breed of dog.
  2. A breeder that will show pictures and descriptions of parent dogs (Sire's and Dam's).
  3. A breeder that will give you updated pictures of pups as they grow.
  4. A breeder who will list as much information as space will allow.
  5. A breeder with complete contact information.

Q: Would a Basset Hound make a great indoor pet?

A: YES!!! Beagles make great indoor pets, as long as you give them plenty of reuglar exercise (as you should for any dog or pet). It is best that you have a fenced in back yard for your Basset Hound to play- or if not, make sure you are willing to leash walk your Basset Hound for exercise.

Q: Are beagles good with children and other pets?

A: YES! Beagles respond well to children and other pets. They are friendly, loving and loyal. Remember adding a puppy to the family is like adding another child. Be sure all memebers of the family are ready for the responsibility of a new puppy.

Q: What colors and sizes of beagles do you have?

A: Beagles are like a gumball machine- you never know what you are going to get... However, with selective breeding and great pedigrees you can get a pretty good estimate. Our sizes range from 11 1/2" - 14", and our colors range from Tri-color, Red & White, Lemon & White, Blue & Tan and Brown. Please go to AKC.org or UKC.com for more information on beagles.

Q What kind of bloodlines do you have?

A Our Sire's hold: CH Encore Dream Come True, CH Perky Skokkie at Fireside, CH Ridgeland No Alibi Needed, CH Chardon Contract Intercessor/~ Along with our Dam's holding: GRCH GRHBCH PR Daniel's Shy, CH HBCH Dorsett Hill in line Huey.

I have dual registered AKC/UKC most of my Sires and Dams. Your papers will be AKC or UCK depending on which papers work best with that litter. You will be given limited registration papers (as to we ask that you be a responsible pet owner and spay or neuter your beagle.) IF you plan on breeding your dog and you want FULL rights, you will need to let us know.

Q: How much do your Basset Hound puppies cost?

A: Typically our puppies range from $500.00-$900.00. Depending on colors, markings and registration (limited registration because we always ask that you be a responsible dog owner and spay and/or neuter your Basset Hound pup.).

We are committed to our breeding program, therefore the cost of selective breeding is a little higher. While you can find a Basset Hound pup for much less from your "back yard breeder", you will find spending a little more in the beginning will save you a lot more in the end. HEALTH is our biggest concern, and it is what we strive for.